My work

The three main axes that define my work are painting, sculpture and drawing. My creations are the result of years of work with different types of paint and materials, searching for the ideal texture for each work, the desired volume and density, which together with the overlap of colors gives it a unique and singular style. A unique style that I invite you to discover throughout my website. Painting-Sculpture-Drawing


Explosion of color and life
Own style
My painting is the expression of emotions and feelings, an explosion of colors that precisely come together to give rise to beautiful faces, bodies and unique shapes that allow us to connect with the most personal emotions.
Singular works
Each of my works are unique and unrepeatable. Although I have smaller works, I enjoy working with large canvases, several meters long.
At the right moment the painting finds its place
Below, I show you some of my paintings integrated with the environment. Impressive places that I remember with affection and admiration.


The fusion of different styles
My sculptures reflect the deepest part of our being, a complex and fascinating network that appears after eliminating the superficial layer that surrounds us, reflecting the strengths and weaknesses that define us as people.
Fusion of fashion, painting and sculpture
The painting can take different shapes and dimensions. In 2018 I had the pleasure of being part of the Barcelona Bridal Week. An unforgettable moment for me.
Painting and sculpture
When painting and sculpture come together to form something totally new.


Planes, perspectives, depth and shapes
Own style
A fusion of faces, paths, stairs, windows, emotions... All mixed together they draw a large face with two faces that take us back to another path, another situation or perspective.
Infinity effect
I love reaching the “infinity effect”. People who have acquired my works explain that every time they stop to look at the work they see a different detail, as if it were a new work.

My work