Book Manu Algueró Fundació Vila Casas

Book with paintings, sculptures and drawings in different techniques, with the prologue written by Mr. Vila Casas

Can Mario Museum

The Ritual Sculpture is located at Can Mario Museum, mixed techniques 137x60x60cm, it was selected for the Sculpture award. Since then it has been part of the collection.

Can Framis Museum

The painting “Orgia de la vida”(2x4 meters) was made in 2015. It was exhibited at “Museo Vol Art - Fundació Vilacasas” for two years in the Guernica room, coinciding with many other exhibitions such as that of Lita Cabellut among other great artists. It was moved to Can Framis Museum in 2019 where The Thinker (3x2 meters) is also located. Both are currently included into permanent collection, known as the most important collection of Catalan painters of these times. Next photos show the opening day for artists, with Mr. Vila Casas and Consellera de Cultura Mariàngela Vilallonga.

Espais Volart Museum

The painting “Orgia de la vida” made in 2015 was exhibited at the Vol Art Museum of Fundació Vila Casas for two years.